Catalyst Black Content Creator Spotlight 8/21

Posted On August 21, 2020

Greetings, Chosen!

The Secret Service has only been out for one week now, but it’s incredible to see all the great content being made. So, with that being said…here are some of our most interesting finds! ⬆e


Prefer playing with a controller? Check out this tutorial by Scrappy Academy.

If you’re new to the game – Scrappy Academy and iPICKmyBUTT have created amazing tutorials about loadouts, Capture The Flag, and Core Rush. Make sure you check them out!


MOLTyt SCORED! Check out some super intense, action-packed gameplays by MOLT!

That one’s quite a comeback match. This Flag Hunter gameplay from FullFrontage definitely kept us on our toes!

That’s a PENTAKILL for Juju! Make sure to stay alert around brushes if you see Juju on the opposing team.

18 | 17 – ECHO Gaming brought us a very close Core Rush game indeed! Check out who won the match here

TOP 10 Catalyst Black features according to ECHO Gaming! Number 2 is definitely one of our favorites; which one is yours?


FLACO is UNSTOPPABLE! Check out this skillful gameplay by FLACO!

Holding 11 flags in a Flag Hunter match and everyone is looking to hunt you down! What will Sebss do?Watch and find out!

We love looking at all the content being made by the community around Catalyst Black; and it’s only just the beginning! We’ll keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks and be back with another round up soon. 

If you’ve created content for Catalyst Black and your content wasn’t featured here, don’t be discouraged! Please make sure to share your content in any of the #community-content channels in our official Catalyst Black discord server. 

Never settle!