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Catalyst Black is a team based, drop-in drop-out, battleground shooter designed to set a new bar for mobile gaming. Explore a variety of game modes, an array of fantastic weapons and ancient masks capable of transforming you into a primal god from another realm. Experience a mobile first battler like you’ve never seen before.

No Waiting - Just Drop in!

Our unique Drop-in, Drop-out design lets you drop directly into a friends’ game and play together. Get into the action faster without waiting to join their party or waiting for match making. Play five minutes or five hours –
it’s up to you.

Choose the Perfect Loadout

Collect, upgrade and customize your gear to create the perfect loadout for your playstyle. Hunt kills as a long-range sniper, focus on objectives as a short range assassin or support your team as a tanky healer – the choice is yours.

Mobile Combat Evolved

Show off your skill and tactical decision making in large scale battles featuring teams of 10+ as well as neutral monsters. Choose when to temporarily transform into a powerful primal god and shift the tides in your favor.


Powered by the most performant cross-platform game engine on the planet, Catalyst Black delivers unique visuals at the highest frame rates across the widest variety of mobile devices. Being built on E.V.I.L means Catalyst Black supports precise virtual joystick controls, but also console controller and keyboard and mouse input, and is cross-platform ready. Because we believe gamers are gamers on every device and deserve to play together in beautiful, responsive and deep AAA experiences, whichever their native platform or control mechanism.

Want to play? Join our Secret Service Program!

Join our Discord server before launch to claim founding member status. Apply to get a spot in our daily raffles to become a Secret Service Agent and be among the first to play! There are limited amounts of invites available. What are you still waiting for? Head over to the Catalyst Black server on Discord now!