Content Creator Spotlight: Patch 0.12

Posted On August 27, 2021

Greetings, Chosen!

We dropped a new update, so you know what that means: Creator Spotlight time! The community has been talking about those improved transaction speeds, balance changes, and a leak that definitely did not happen.

If you’re a creator looking to get your content shared in the next edition, be sure to apply for our Content Creator Program as well as post in our Discord community content channels.

— SeanLagged

Yeah, you probably heard our next mode got leaked. What’s that? You didn’t know and we just spoiled it for you? Oops. In that case, check out IsoRod‘s brief stream on an outdated version of Arena mode!

We can always count on DooDaDay to bring the best shocked voice to his first reaction videos. Remind me to invite him to the next SEMC surprise birthday party.

Honestly, Mystery Cube’s gameplay was my first time I’ve seen Luma gear in action, and I wasn’t disappointed. Catch me rocking that loadout from now on.

If you’re just jumping into the battlefield now or haven’t logged on in a while, it can be refreshing to see a new player’s journey. Join A4 Gaming as he discovers Catalyst Black for the first time!