Content Creator Spotlight: Patch 0.10

Posted On May 18, 2021

Greetings, Chosen!

The release of patch 0.10 marked several important milestones for Catalyst Black’s development, including a new primal and the Ascension progression system. Here to break down what’s new are some of the community’s favorite content creators!

If you’re a creator looking to get your content shared in the next edition, be sure to apply for our Content Creator Program as well as post in our Discord community content channels.

— SeanLagged

From the reimagined user interface and Eventide map to the brand new Ascension progression system, IsoRod’s update overview takes a deep dive into the 0.10 feature set. In the last spotlight, we kindly requested dev immunity from your guild. Unfortunately, our kill/death ratio continues to perish, but we’ll recover. One day.

AceTheChase summarized 0.10 in one phrase: “I freaking love it.” If you haven’t found the chance to download the update, there’s still time before we venture out on 0.11. Until then, check out his walkthrough of what you’re missing out on.

Maybe you’re not as far ahead as RohitChandru on Ascension. That’s OK. I’m not either. We can all still pretend by watching him level up on his own!

We’ve all blamed our losses on our loadout. Fortunately, DooDaDay is here to eliminate that excuse with his primary weapon tier list. Agree? Disagree? Shout about it over on our Discord.