Secret Service – 0.3 Patch Notes

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Posted On September 9, 2020

Blog Header for 0.3 Patch Notes

Secret Service – 0.3 Patch Notes

Posted On September 9, 2020

Alright, Chosen!

Just one short maintenance and 0.3 is in your hands. Here are the high-level details. There’s waaay more than this in the patch (tbh keeping track of it all is a massive task!), but this will give you a good look at what we’ve been up to. We couldn’t be happier with the feedback and support the community has given us in this early stage. Thank you so much, and never settle for the lesser evil!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with mods automatically unequipping between matches.
  • Fixed an issue where currencies were not readily updated after you redeem your quest rewards.
  • Fixed an issue with health bars being out of sync when joining mid-match.
  • Reduced the instances where mods do not roll properly for any gear.

Rewards & Economy

Quests & Quint

New Quest: 15 wins a week and Issia Reward
  • A new quest has been added: 3 Wins a Day. The weekly quest has been upped to “15 Wins a Week.” In total, you can now earn 100 quint and 5400 dust per week (up from 55 quint and 4800 dust).
  • The Essential shop’s prices have also been lowered, so you can acquire the initial set of gear more easily. 
  • Quests will no longer randomly drop gear or masks. Instead, you can spend the extra quint at either the Essential Shop, or the now open Rotating Shop to get new gear &  Masks.
  • Issia is now a guaranteed rewards for completing the first “15 Wins A Week” quest.

Match End Rewards

It is now more efficient to earn rewards by completing the match in a reasonable time. Once you’re past 35 kills or so, it is better to win the match and start a new one than to keep farming it infinitely. This affects both earning XP as well as Mods

New Shop Sections

Rotating Shop

All shop changes are in preparation for a live environment. There is still no real money transactions available in the Secret Service.

  • The Rotating Shop is now open. This shop is randomized daily, and is the primary method of acquire new gear & masks after you’ve bought all the cheaper items from the Essential Shop. You can also spend Marks (premium currency) at the Rotating shop. 
  • The Travelers Chest shop is now open. The Chest contains Dust, random Mods, and a chance to acquire any gear or Mask normally available for Marks in the Rotating Shop. 
  • The Ancient Set is now available. This bundle grants the same amount Marks as the $100 bundle, but also comes with a ton of resources & a unique set of Mask + Weapons. The Ancient Set items can also appear in the Rotating shop.
  • The Boosts Shop is now open. This contains XP, quest drop, and mod drop boosts.


Weapons & Gear

  • Snipers significantly tuned. They now deal reduced damage when colliding at short range, meaning you can’t use them like shotguns. They also travel significantly slower, and then pickup speed towards the end, such that it takes the SAME amount of time to reach the endpoint, but is behind at every point leading up to that moment. This makes auto-aiming a lot less effective, and you should not expect auto-aimed Sniper shots to land unless the enemy is moving along your shooting axis.
  • Rockets now also have momentum like Snipers do, so they are also slightly less effective when auto-aimed. Rockets also have some damage falloff at the edge of their AOE radius, instead of dealing 100% damage to the entire circle.
  • Boarson rate of fire has been decreased, and its magazine is smaller as well. 
  • Battle Rifles, Auto Rifles, Chainguns now all have longer range, but also have a random spray that makes it harder to land 100% of shots at extended range. 
  • Soft Thunder, the mortar, now deals more damage but with a slower delay. So your thumb doesn’t get so tired from spamming it rapidly.
  • Protection’s duration and cooldown has been nerfed.


  • Primal Health has been lowered, especially for Sunder and Torden. Generally, people retreated 100% of the time whenever these Primals are encountered. We want groups of 3-4 players to consider fighting back instead of always escaping.
  • Torden now hits extremely hard with his basic attack, to compensate for his slowness. He can devastate bosses and other Primals if they even get in range of his hammer. Torden’s healing ability has been changed to a barrier, allowing him to make his allies much tankier than before. Also due to his slow speed, Torden lasts longer in primal form than previously.
  • Issia‘s basic attack no longer hits twice if the target happens to stand where two circles intersect. To compensate, Glacial Torrent now deals significantly higher damage.
  • Nock‘s health is lowered a bit, on top of being very squishy already, we have raised Nock’s damage as well as primal form duration, giving Nock players some extra time to pick the right fights.


  • Mistral Fragments, the long-shaped CTF map with lots of jumppads, has its visual pass completed. Feast your eyes! =)
  • Azure Plateau, the massive & open “Prototype map” has had its layout changed by almost 50%. There are now more interesting wall and gap formations, and….more jumppads! 


  • A few pieces of gear have had their banners changed.


  • Your player handle is now a name#1234, much like how Discord and works. This allows everyone to have the name they want without worrying about uniqueness. Remember this when adding friends! The last four digits is necessary!
  • A Coop vs Bots CTF mode has been added for players to practice in a low-stress environment. This game mode yields less rewards than normal modes.
  • You can now double-tap to equip an item in your loadout.
  • You can now see all the gear that is presently in the game, even if you don’t own it.
See unowned Weapons

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