How to: Infusing Your Gear

Posted On June 24, 2021

Patch 0.11 introduces a new method for you to obtain stronger gear. The infusion upgrade system forges duplicate items together, adding unique gameplay benefits to the gear in the process. If you have a few questions, don’t worry: We’re here with answers.

— SeanLagged


Unlike regular dust upgrades, the infusion system grants more than just a small stat boost. Infusing your gear unlocks additional power and perks, unleashing new playstyles in your loadout. Maybe you want to heal when Boarson runs out of ammo; or burn tanky enemies alive with Nock. No matter your desires, infusion offers strength you cannot find elsewhere.

To explore the various upgrades, head over to the INFUSE menu inside an item. Here you’ll find the Infusion Log. Each piece of gear has five total star levels with a different gameplay benefit at each level.


In order to infuse, two types of items must be provided. First, duplicates of the item you want to upgrade. Second, fodder items belonging to the same gear category that you want to upgrade. For example, when infusing a primary weapon, the fodder items must be other primary weapons. Masks do not require fodder items.

As the star level of your gear increases, so does the number of items required to complete an infusion. After the fifth level, gear can continue to be infused in exchange for Epic or better mods.


Now! Patch 0.11 is available to download with the new infusion system. If you want to see what else this update has in store, check out the full patch notes. See you on the battlefield, Chosen.