How to Play: Eventide

Posted On December 9, 2020

Patch 0.7 introduces the beta version of Eventide, a brand new War Mode map that we want your help in perfecting. Compared to Classic Modes, Eventide is a longer-form experience offering both team-based and solo objectives amidst an onslaught of thrilling events that grant points on your way to the Final Harvest.

The high-energy mode is particularly intense while playing with friends to coordinate groundbreaking team plays and battle strategies. Our newly released communication features aid your venture in recruiting allied companions to join you along this journey.

Eventide is available with minimum requirements to participate in, which will be adjusted and tuned based on individual player levels. We want your feedback through this process! Join our Discord and tell us how the mode feels. Your early opportunity to become an Eventide veteran will pay off.


The winner of Eventide is the team with the highest score at the end of the Final Harvest event, which begins when either team reaches a point score of 28,000. Points can be earned through:

  • Capturing and holding outposts
  • Winning major PVP and PVE events
  • Completing activities such as bringing shards back to base or slaying major bosses
  • Killing players and creatures

Map Features

Eventide is set in the remnants of an ancient city. The midpoint of the map contains the central fortress, home to an outpost and several major events. Exploring the surrounding areas will find you fighting for dominance over outposts, bosses, and other point-based activities. Some can be completed solo, while others require the full force of your team.

Central Fortress & Outposts

There are 6 outposts located around the map, which provide your team with a spawn point and the ability to teleport between captured territories. Outposts under your control will grant a continuous stream of points, while also acting as a physical return location for your resource collection efforts.

The central outpost in Eventide is a large, walled fortress that gives the owning team a score and map advantage. Once captured, the central fortress outpost grants a higher point stream and provides an easier time in most events. It is also defended by a powerful Royal Guardian and is frequently the location of major events.


Organized groups can hunt down and destroy bosses for large, one-time chunks of points. Once defeated, these creatures will never respawn.

Imperial & Royal GuardianHarvest OverseerCore Behemoth

At the start of the match, Imperial Guardians will spawn at the northern and southern outposts near your base. Imperial Guardians are significantly stronger than default Guardians and will buy time for allies to come defend the outpost. When Imperial Guardians are defeated, normal Guardians will spawn in their place upon capturing the outpost. A stronger Royal Guardian defends the central outpost.

Early in the match, powerful Harvest Overseers will arrive at each team’s base. These exceptionally powerful bosses defend your home territory.

Later in the match, the Core Behemoth will emerge. This massive construct fights from the center of an ancient prison, using a combination of devastating earth attacks to strike at players. A team that successfully defeats the Core Behemoth will earn a massive burst of points. The Core Behemoth also drops shards upon defeat.

Shard Runners

Throughout the match, core shards will appear on the ground across the map. You can earn points for your team by picking up these shards and returning them at a captured outpost. Shards also drop upon defeating Keepers and the Core Behemoth.

Speed Crystals

Large pink crystals found in key areas of the map grant you a speed bonus upon running near them, allowing you to quickly move around the map. This lasts until you fire a weapon or take damage.

Major Events

Winning major events is critical in the outcome of Eventide. The win conditions determine how many Conquest Points are awarded to participating players. Events are cycled throughout the match and announced in advance: plan accordingly and get ready to strike as a team!

Wild MoonArenaWild SurgeFlashpointFinal Harvest (Endgame)

★  The team that captures the most fallen stars wins.

All vision ranges are greatly reduced and movement speed is greatly increased.

During this time, stars fall from the sky in a random region of the map. Players must compete to capture these massive shards. The team that captures the most fallen stars wins this event.

★  The last team standing wins.

The 5 players with the current highest PVP kill streaks on each team become paragons. These players are teleported to a small arena on the outskirts of the map.

Destroying large crystals in the arena drop six massive primal energy pickups. The last team alive wins this event.

★  The team that holds the outpost wins.

All vision ranges are greatly reduced and movement speed is greatly increased.

This event causes an outpost to become the source of a growing surge of catalytic power. At the end of this event, the team that currently owns the designated outpost will be victorious.

★  The first team to defeat all enemy paragons wins.

The 5 players with the highest current kill streaks on each team become powerful paragons — incurring a buff to size, health, and damage.

Paragons are required to stay near the Central Fortress. If they leave this area, they will receive a brief warning before forfeiting their paragon status. Other players can freely enter and leave this area to participate. The first team to defeat all enemy paragons wins this event.

★  Siphon enemy points to zero by holding the majority of outposts.

Once either team reaches 28,000 points and any active events have ended, the final phase of the match begins. During this time, the team that currently owns the majority of outposts will rapidly drain points from the opposing team. The Central Fortress counts as two outposts, effectively being a tiebreaker.

When either team reaches zero points, the match is concluded and the team with points remaining wins total victory in the match.


Choosing Your Loadout

  • Being able to hold your ground in a fight is enormously helpful due to the high number of outposts. Torden works wonderfully in this regard, as do miniguns and high-health gear.
  • For PVP-focused players, team buffs and healing items can be very effective for winning the Arena, where players fight in close proximity and natural regeneration is restricted. Heavy ammo can be scarce during this event, so bringing a strong primary weapon is useful. If you can gather the primal energy, both Torden and Issia work well here.
  • There are a lot of ways to quickly move around the map, which can be useful for capturing shards and fallen stars as well as sneaking through enemy outposts. Sunder and Nock do well around the outskirts, as do items that provide speed and mobility. Coupling this with high-burst heavies like HAILSTROM makes it easier to burst down Guardians before opponents can respond.
  • Snipers are great for taking down enemies who are trying to capture fallen stars during the Wild Moon event, since snipers can see anyone attempting to capture a nearby fallen star but can stay out of sight of those players. Similarly, this can be used against defenders in the Wild Surge event, which follows the same vision rules. Snipers can also be strong in the Flashpoint event for taking out enemy paragons at lower risk to themselves.

Early Game: Eliminate Imperial Guardians

  • In the early game, the primary goal is taking out enemy Imperial Guardians and, if possible, protecting your own. Once events and bosses start appearing, there are fewer opportunities to take these Imperials out. By the later stages of the game, particularly the Wild Surge and Final Harvest events, having these Imperial Guardians out of the way is critical to winning.
  • Beyond this, the first few minutes are a good opportunity to get an initial edge by capturing shards and winning the first Wild Moon event. For PVP players, try to rack up a few kills and avoid dying to increase your chances of being selected for the Arena event.

Mid Game: Divide and Conquer

  • Continuing to control outposts throughout the mid game will give your team an advantage in several areas. The central outpost has the largest impact on map control, and becomes particularly important to control for events such as Flashpoint.
  • Controlling and disrupting the southern outposts can make it much harder for opponents to return shards — and provide more opportunities for you to intercept them, taking shards for yourself.
  • Teams should try to keep a few players in each region of the map at any given time. This allows you to defend allied outposts more quickly, and take out vulnerable enemy outposts. Guardians and Royal Guardians are fairly easy to take down with a couple players when they aren’t being defended, but will regenerate rapidly if you can’t finish them off.
  • If at all possible, taking out the enemy Harvester will give your team a major edge. Join your teammates if it looks like a major battle is taking place there!

Late Game: Defend Your Outposts

  • Now is the time to advance over the enemy team. Remember: All points earned provide you with an upper hand in the Final Harvest, where team scores begin to drain rapidly.
  • Once the Final Harvest is announced, wrap up whatever you’re doing, then focus solely on outposts. If you can maintain control of more outposts than your opponent, you can come back from the brink of defeat. Keep in mind that the center fortress is worth two outposts.
  • During the Final Harvest, unless the Core Behemoth or enemy Harvest Overseer is nearly dead, it’s typically not worth taking them out at the risk of losing majority control of outposts.