Content Creator Spotlight 12/19

Posted On December 19, 2020

Greetings, Chosen!

Following the release of patch 0.7, we’ve been talking non-stop about the recent content released by our community creators. From Eventide tutorials to an exorbitant amount of Nock, you deserve to bask in the glory, too.

If you’re a creator looking to get your content shared in the next edition, be sure to apply for our Content Creator Program as well as post in our Discord community content channels.

— SeanLagged



Gameplay Videos

Join AceTheChase in taking a deep dive into what patch 0.7 brings; and trust me: there’s a lot.


If you’re still looking to get in the groove of our latest mode, check out IsoRod’s Eventide run-through! The video utilizes YouTube’s chapter feature to segment each stage of Eventide. Also, tell your guild to stop killing devs.



Streamer Spotlight

If you haven’t been obliterated by Drakosan in Eventide yet, then I’m convinced you haven’t actually played. Peep his daily streams for next-level tips and tricks!


CLowTheTruth’s quick sniper shots know how to humble me after working all day. For that, I’m both reluctant and overly excited to watch his streams.





Fan Art: Nock’s Big Day

Community artist avizenith drew our most cuddly primal, Nock. Now we need to find the money to make a plush form. You’ll be receiving an invoice soon.


In this hyper-realistic version of Nock, Dr. Paradox makes us contemplate hiring him for our art team.


First person to tweet us using kendmd’s Nock wallpaper gets a virtual high five. Really. Try us.