Catalyst Black 0.9 Patch Notes

0.9 Patch Notes

Posted On March 18, 2021

Greetings, Chosen!

Introducing Clash, the next game mode in Catalyst Black’s arsenal. Clash is a fast-paced mode built on the game’s unique combat system while simultaneously serving as a bridge to our more rigorous experiences. Defeat players and creatures to earn points for your team. The first team to reach the point goal before the timer runs out wins. Five minutes to learn, a lifetime to master.

No matter your expertise level, Clash allows you to jump into battle without hesitation. Couldn’t rack up enough points in a match? Don’t worry: Take advantage of Clash’s quick-natured gameplay to lose the battle honorably — but win the war with pride.

Additionally, we’ve made a number of changes to the game feel, including combat visual enhancements and new environmental sound effects. We’re begging you to play with sound on, but if you aren’t Beethoven’s prodigy, we also have balance changes to offer. Let us know what you think over on our Discord. See ‘ya there!

— SeanLagged



Clash Mode

Catalyst Black Clash

In designing Catalyst Black’s next mode, we wanted to place a larger emphasis on the simpler elements of the game. Clash accomplishes that feat while simultaneously sparking an endless flow of action.

The objective is simple: First team to reach the point goal wins. Points can be acquired by taking down players and creatures. Player kills increase your bounty by one, up to a max of three. If neither team reaches the goal after five minutes, the game ends and the leading team declares victory.

Rules Breakdown
  • Points
    • Players | 1-3 | Player kills increase the bounty on your head by 1 point, up to a max of 3
    • Windslingers | 1
    • Meganauts | 3
  • Goal
    • Small Map | 75 points to win
    • Large Map | 100 points to win
    • 5-minute game timer, granting the leading team victory at the end



Game Feel

The heart of a game is how it feels. We’re feeling generous, and we want that heart to grow. Several quality of life improvements have been made to the ambient environment as well as the combat experience. Be aware of your surroundings, Chosen.

  • Combat
    • Weapon reload time indicator.
    • Damage flashes during combat.
    • Aim reticle has top priority for more visibility.
  • Sounds
    • Environmental acoustics including waterfalls and cliffside locations.
    • Diverse sound effects for rapid fire weapons and primals.
    • Capture sounds for cores and outposts.



Minor Changes

  • Core Rush has been added to the rotating game schedule.
  • Introducing Delyth: The friendly character and voice for the opening tutorial.
  • New menu tutorials that cover all main loadout items.
  • Squashed bugs!



Balance Changes

PrimalsHuman Gear


Primary & Heavy Weapons