Catalyst Black 0.8 patch notes

0.8 Patch Notes

Posted On February 10, 2021

Greetings, Chosen!

We checked the clock: It’s time to address a few major player pain points.

Remember that mod sharding experience? Gone! With multi-mod sharding, players who have stockpiled mods will be delighted to see their dust skyrocket faster than GameStop on a Wednesday afternoon.

All those buttons just to see your favorite weapon’s damage? Goodbye! The new three-pane gear inspector allows you to view thrice as much information for a third of the taps. Your triceps will thank us later.

Did someone say… progression system? Fine, not yet, but make sure you’re connected on our Discord as we prepare to share more information about what we’re working on soon! As always, check out everything else in store for patch 0.8 below.

— SeanLagged



Multi-Mod Sharding

Mod sharding was intended to give you ample time to discover where the heck catalyte comes from. Upon realizing that our players are, in fact, not astrophysicists, we’ve crossed wasting your time off of our bucket list. Now, you can shard multiple mods at once, cutting the process down as much as your heart desires.

Press RECYCLE to add the mod to the trash can, then press DELETE after you’ve added several mods to delete them all at once. You can even recycle mods across different items and categories at once. Go crazy.



Gear Viewer Redesign

The gear viewer screen has been overhauled to display your information in three panes. Easily switch between the STATS and MODS view to make quick optimizations for battle; or, stare longer at the items you don’t own.



Game Mode Rotations

To improve the quality of matches, we’ve consolidated some of our classic modes into one tile. Capture the Flag and Flag Hunter now follow a rotating schedule where one mode is available at a time. Prepare to compete in more intense matches, as there will be a significant increase in the number of players queuing alongside you.



Creature Model Enhancements

The art team is back to put all of us without artistic talent to shame. Normal, Royal, and Imperial Guardian models now have fancier visuals. See if you can spot all the differences!



Minor Changes

  • Mod drops have a 40% chance to roll for gear in your last used loadout (60% for random owned item). This does not dilute as you acquire more gear.
  • The rotating shop now updates at midnight UTC to match quests.
  • Upon picking up heavy ammo or primal energy, the heavy weapon or primal activation buttons will flash. Just a reminder you’re now that more dangerous.
  • The aim reticle has been swapped to a more clear visual.
  • Squashed bugs:
    • General crash fixes.
    • Performance improvements for receiving rewards from purchases and matches.
    • The Dominance trait incorrectly stated that it granted bonus damage on kill when it was granting movespeed.



Balance Changes

Core Rush

  • Capture time reduced from 20s to 12.5s on small maps


Human Gear

Primary WeaponsHeavy WeaponsAbilitiesTrinkets




  • Updated the Primary Charge on Hit stat to work in seconds instead of percentages. This means that cooldown reduction on your primal ability is now more effective than before.
  • Adjusted shot speed on the following weapons:
    • Northern Warmth
    • Lost Dreamer
    • Renegade
    • Codiffusion Constant
    • Mutiny’s Song
    • Writhe
    • Primal Eye
    • The Prodigal
    • Luma Prodigal
    • Objection