Catalyst Black 0.7 patch notes

0.7 Patch Notes

Posted On December 9, 2020

Greetings, Chosen!

This update introduces the beta version of Eventide, our first War Mode map. Eventide is nothing like you’ve seen before: this longer-form experience offers both team-based and solo objectives amidst an onslaught of thrilling events that grant points on your way to the Final Harvest. We want to work closely with players to create the most enjoyable and action-packed version possible. Have patience as we fine-tune this mode.

Pings also arrive in Catalyst Black! Patch 0.7 brings communication tools to cultivate a new team experience. Whether you’re organizing your team to fight the Alpha Keeper or celebrating that glorious pentakill, we’ve expanded the scope of communication in Catalyst Black to allow for strategic and triumphal coordination.

Apart from this, we’re debuting a handful of other player-requested additions — brand new weapons and gear, progression system updates, team outpost enhancements, and more! As always, we’ll be waiting for you on our Discord to hear your feedback.

Never settle for the lesser evil!

— SeanLagged

War Mode: Eventide (Beta)

Capture outposts, win major PVE/PVP events, and slay bosses — all while investing yourself into the heart of battle. Our first War Mode map, Eventide, doubles down on the conceptual gameplay behind Catalyst Black to create a longer-form mode with multiple phases within one match. The range of objectives available to complete either as a team or lone wolf formulate an immersive experience bolstered by PVP fights.

The beta version of Eventide is available on 0.7 release day and minimum requirements to participate will be adjusted and tuned on individual player levels. Minimum requirements may also change at a later date as we polish. As this mode is in early development, we want to hear your feedback on Discord! For more information on Eventide, check out our latest blog post.

Tactical Pings (Beta)

For quick cross-team tactical strategies, we’ve implemented tactical pings! Pings can be applied to a location on the map by selecting the Attack, Avoid, or Thumbs Up icons on the UI. These indicators can only be seen by your fellow teammates, so coordinate as a group.

New Gear

Primary Weapons

Heavy Weapons

Mutiny's Song, MK-4 Accelerator, Augh Mandrel


Frost Nova, Concussive Mine, Blink Strike, Warden


Krindred Clasp, Compass of the ascendant

Human Traits

Lethal Asylum, Meditation, Cunning, Invasion, Assurance, Reality

Primal Traits

Indulgence, Soul Rush

New in 0.7 are two dual-wield weapon classes that bolster our current roster: SMGs (Writhe) and Pistols (Mutiny’s Song). These fast-firing weapons will pack a punch but also come with limited clip sizes. Make sure to hit your shots before experiencing a forced reload.

“A Vingian weapon…you must have friends in high places.”

This release also features a new set of weapons crafted by Vingian artisans. An insular people known for their unique approach to catalytic craftsmanship, the Vingians favor a more natural (albeit unorthodox) approach to extracting power from crystals. This open-minded thinking has afforded the Vingians incredible advances in the use of catalytic power across Kyrian culture, with their weapons in particular being some of the most sought-after by discerning mercenaries of every kind. Vingian creations are rarely seen on trading markets and, if so, are typically listed for exorbitant prices.

Team Outpost Visuals & Teleport

Team Outpost Visuals & Teleport

Navigate the map without worrying about spawning enemies! Outposts now contain color differentiations in the surrounding foliage and terrain that indicate which team has captured the territory. Additionally, you can use the mini-map to teleport between controlled spawn points while standing on their locations. The respawn screen also allows you to drop in at any controlled spawn point.

Conquest Points

Introducing Conquest Points: the new merit-based progression system. Upon completing a match, you will be rewarded with Conquest Points, which count toward your Daily Conquest and Weekly Conquest quests (renamed from 3 Wins a Week and 15 Wins a Week, respectively). The amount of Conquest Points earned varies depending on the game outcome and mode. While winning a match will reward the most Conquest Points, you can still make incremental quest progress by completing lost matches. Say goodbye to the bad feels of losing a match.

Creature Model Color Variations

We’ve added increased visual clarity to Scamperer, Juggernaut, and Windsinger models based on their aggression status. As such, the models now clearly indicate which creatures you can consider friend or foe. Expect more variations to other creatures in coming updates.

“New” Shop Tab

Keep up to date with freshly released gear in the “New” shop tab — available to purchase for quint and marks at a discounted price. As a reminder, if the gear you’re looking for isn’t available in the “New” tab, you can find it in the daily rotating shop!

Minor Changes

  • The logic used for assigning DIDO players to teams has been adjusted. We will continuously evolve this to make matches feel more balanced as they progress.
  • We’re working toward an improved matchmaker that would allow us to create even more balanced teams. Though unused in 0.7, several performance tracking elements have been implemented to begin preparing for this goal.
  • Out-of-app push notifications to remind you when it’s time for rewards, special events, and if we miss your smiling face.
  • “Chainguns” are now called “Miniguns.”
  • Squashed bugs:
    • Multiple instances of Divine Contest now stack correctly
    • Both teams no longer have an extra point in Flag Hunters on the small map
    • You can no longer die on the first frame you are invulnerable
    • Reckful Circlet now continues functioning after transforming into a primal
    • Assassin and Sniper banners now continue functioning after transforming into a primal

Balance Changes

Health Changes

Players now have twice as much health. However, heavy weapons and primals deal 50% more damage. As a result, you will survive much longer against primary weapons. Primals have more health to make up for the boost in heavy weapon and primal damage.

We know this is a significant change, and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback. Here are some of the reasons we believe this will improve your gameplay:

  • Duels will now last longer and have a significantly higher chance of a third and fourth party joining in to affect the outcome of a battle.

  • Generally, this will feel like teamwork is required to kill someone with only primary weapons. If you want to solo-kill players, heavy ammo will likely be needed.

  • Heavy weapon control will now be much more important, because they deal more damage relative to primary weapons and players are much tankier.


  • Health notches now denote 1000 instead of 500
  • Human health increased from 1000 to 2000
  • All trinkets and abilities grant 100% more health
  • Time for multi-kills increased from 6s to 7s
  • Pentakill buff
    • Health reduced from 50% to 15%
  • Decakill buff
    • Health reduced from 50% to 15%
  • Omegakill buff
    • Health reduced from 100% to 30%


Sunder, Torden, Issia, Nock

Maps & Modes


  • Respawn time on all maps will now range between 5-15s
  • Small Flag Hunter maps have their victory timer increased from 30s to 45s
  • Flag Hunter victory timer threshold shortens as the match progresses
  • “Boss” monsters are now immune to knockbacks


Keeper, Alpha Keeper, Rubble, Meganaut, Dreadnaut

Human Gear


Assassin, Sniper

Primary Weapons

Primal eye, Luma Prodigal, The prodigal, Rush, Trial

Heavy Weapons

Dispatch, Renegade, The miser, Objection, Arrival, Luma arrival, Findlay, The heretic, Avalanche, Hailstrom!


Temporal rush, Leap Attack, Volatile mine, Grounding bolt, Primal fire, Frost bomb, Protection, Catalytic protection, Shield, Catalytic Shield, Sprint, Catalytic Sprint, Healing totem, Renewal, Catalytic renewal, heal, Catalytic heal


Bracelet of the firstborn, Empathy band, Belt of phasing


Divine contest

Voice Chat (Beta)

In previous weeks, we shared teasers of our intent to implement voice chat in 0.7. We’re excited to open the doors to strategic and triumphal coordination in Catalyst Black — but you deserve our best work. Voice chat requires finishing touches to make it a seamless experience, and as such, will not be coming in 0.7.0. We look forward to bringing this feature to you in a future update soon!