Catalyst Black 0.12 Patch Notes

0.12 Patch Notes

Posted On August 10, 2021

Greetings, Chosen!

You asked, we listened: Patch 0.12 is here to deliver on a bundle of player requests! Following the release of quests in the last update, we realized how important fast transactions are. Alas, although this patch doesn’t hit our usual feature stride, we wanted to go all-in on trying to make the game feel satisfying to interact with.

The shop has an all-new look accompanied by deals helping your search to find the best gear. Celebrate these offers with faster navigation across inventories, purchases, and other transactions. When you’re done cleaning out those extra mods, don’t forget to get caught up on the balance changes we’ve made to game modes and gear.

While we have ‘ya here, a special thanks to all of our Secret Service agents for testing away these past few updates. From rank points to new modes, there’s a lot being brewed up in the Lair that we can’t wait to share with you soon. Until then, chat about what’s new on our Discord!

— SeanLagged

Shop Features

Catalyst Black Starlit Items

The shop needed a facelift. Fortunately, we had one in stock. In addition to the revamped interface, the tabs are now more organized — making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Starlit items are also new in 0.12. Every two weeks, a set of items will be shown in the CHEST tab that have higher than normal drop rates. If you’re holding out for certain gear, Starlit items just became your new best friend.

Speed Improvements

Catalyst Black 0.12 Speed Improvements

Before, napping while you waited for chests to open was A-tier multitasking. Now, you better rest up before logging on. The engineers have been hard at work making a boatload of changes to how we handle inventories and other transactional data. The result? Faster quest unlocks. Quicker mod shards. Snappier shop purchases. Use your extra time in the day wisely.

This is an ongoing process that we’ll continue to work on. If you don’t feel any Olympic record-setting speeds right out of the gate, that’s okay. The engineers are committed to improving transaction times through the coming updates.

Minor Changes

  • General in-game environment improvements and out-of-game UI polishes. Can you find them all?
  • Updated Play Menu containing new art and game mode information.
  • Overhauled infusion animations for increased celebration and clarity.
  • End-of-match screen now shows the final score and outcome reason.
  • General bot improvements. 🤖
  • Squashed bugs!

Balance Changes

Game ModesHero GearPrimalsOther


  • Capture the Flag, Core Rush, Flag Hunter, and Slayer all have a 30-second warm-up period where everyone is invulnerable and outposts are uncapturable. There are several unique game modifications during the warm-up:
    • Roll has 0 cooldown.
    • Locked all abilities.
  • Jump Pads are now more responsive.
  • Heavy ammo and primal energy pickups spawn 10 seconds after the match starts.
  • Heroes are now invincible while respawning.

Capture the Flag

  • Points to win decreased from 5 → 3.
  • First flag spawns 10 seconds after the match starts.

Core Rush

  • Points to win decreased from 15 → 10.
  • Alpha Core value decreased from 3 → 2.
  • Time between waves decreased from 15s → 10s.

Flag Hunter

  • Neutral flag bearers now spawn more quickly.
  • Win timer shortened from 8/10/12 and 6/8/10 → 5/6/7 minutes on both small and large maps.


  • Final Harvest instantly starts if one team has a 10,000 point lead.
  • Instantly return shards if teleported into the Arena event.

0.12 Primary Weapon Balance Changes
0.12 Heavy Weapon Balance Changes
0.12 Ability Balance Changes


0.12 Primal Balance Changes


DEV NOTE: To give each primal transformation more personality and lean into their playstyles, we’ve modified primal health, duration, and cooldowns. Some primal transformations are more commonly available than others based on what role they are meant to fulfill.

For example, Sunder has a short duration but also a short cooldown, making him effective at turning the tides of a battle. Torden has a long duration, but also a longer cooldown, making him a very good choice for securing capture points and fighting in extended battles.

Our hope with these changes is that your choice of primal will be based more on the type of role you want to fulfill during a match, and when you choose to activate it in combat will carry more tactical significance than we feel it currently does. These will be the first in a series of larger, sweeping balance changes coming over the next couple of months, and we would love to hear your feedback on this progress.

Infusion Upgrades

The infusion perks on weapons and masks have been moved from levels 3 and 5 to levels 1 and 4. Other levels have been shifted accordingly.

DEV NOTE: We would like players to have access to what makes each weapon unique earlier on. With this change, you’ll have the opportunity to try the perks of these pieces of gear more easily.

Cooldown System

Cooldown reduction has been changed to cooldown haste. The new formula to calculate cooldown is:

Final Cooldown = [Base Cooldown] * (100 / (100 + [Cooldown Haste]))

As such, the following stats have modified cooldown numbers:

  • Traits
    • Agile: -3/4.5/6.5/9% → 3/6/9/12
    • Acolyte: -2/3.2/4.5/6% → 2/4/6/8
    • Jury-Rigged: -4/6.5/9/24% → 4/8/12/30
    • Tinkerer: -4/6.5/9/24% → 4/8/12/30
    • Avatar: -4/6.5/9/24% → 4/8/12/30
    • Enlightened: -4/6.5/9/24% → 4/8/12/30
  • Banners
    • Primalist Banner Primal Cooldown: -6/18/24/30% → 8/24/32/40
    • Primalist Banner Primal Attack Cooldown: -4/12/16/20% → 5/15/20/25
    • Primalist Banner Primal Power Cooldown: -4/12/16/20% → 5/15/20/25
    • Support Banner Ability Cooldown: -7/21/28/35% → 10/30/40/50
  • Infusion
    • Primary Weapon Cooldown: -10% → 12
    • Dodge Cooldown: -10% → 12
    • Ability Cooldown: -7.5% → 10
    • Primal Attack Cooldown: -10% → 12
    • Primal Power Cooldown: -5/10% → 6/12
  • All Hunter’s Gift Cooldowns (Wildslinger Buff): -35% → 50


The following traits have been added to these items:

  • Catalytic Protection: Reinforced (2nd slot)
  • Blink: Recovery (3rd slot)
  • Primal Fire: Constitution (3rd slot)