Catalyst Black 0.11 Patch Notes

0.11 Patch Notes

Posted On June 24, 2021

Greetings, Chosen!

Quests, infusion, new gear … oh my! Following the release of the Ascension leveling system, Patch 0.11 is here to double down on an enriched sense of progression in Catalyst Black.

We heard ‘ya: 3 quests aren’t enough. The all-new Quest Hub introduces multiple categories of quests, with varying levels of rewards for completion. Take your pick on what to complete.

Maybe you’ve been playing since the start. Or, maybe you just can’t seem to beat those HiVE players. Fear not — infusion allows players to take their gear to the next level. Using duplicate and supporting gear, you can upgrade your gear to unlock additional power and perks.

To coincide with these progression upgrades, we’re introducing a few pieces of new gear. Someone said there may be a flamethrower in there. Let us know what you think on our Discord!

— SeanLagged

Quest Hub

The Quest Hub features five categories of quests, each offering different types of rewards. While some categories such as Dailies and Weeklies grant incremental upgrades, others unlock unique loot for substantial accomplishments. Take a look at what the Curator has selected.


Daily Quests are assigned each day. These quests grant dust and points toward the Daily Reward Meter, offering meaningful rewards at major milestones.

Weekly Quests are assigned each week. Compared to Dailies, these quests are more challenging to complete. They grant dust and points toward the Weekly Reward Meter, offering meaningful rewards at major milestones.

Harvest Quests are game mode specific quests that grant powerful Harvest Loot. In order to redeem them, these quests require a special currency called Harvest Tokens to be expended. This currency naturally regenerates over time.

Campaign Quests are lifetime achievements that focus on strengthening game knowledge. These quests offer various monumental rewards.

Companion Quests are lifetime achievements centered around engaging with other players. These quests offer various monumental rewards.

Infusion Upgrade System

What’s better than two Sincerity guns? One better Sincerity gun! Infusion allows you to upgrade your gear, unleashing additional power and perks in the process. Unlike regular dust upgrades, infusion provides more than just a small stat boost. Each piece of gear has five total star levels with a different gameplay benefit for each level.

The infusion process is simple. After acquiring duplicate gear, head into the INFUSE menu for the item you want to upgrade. Scavenge parts from duplicates and other unwanted gear to bear newfound strength. To learn more about this system, check out our full guide.

New Gear

A FLAMETHROWER?! Yeah, we went there. We’re bringing three new pieces of gear only obtainable through Harvest Quests. Go get ‘em while they’re hot!

Economy Changes

Due to the progression system updates throughout the past two patches, we’re making a number of changes to the economy. Acquiring loot should feel more streamlined and understandable between the various unlock methods.

  • Mods
    • Masks are now able to be leveled up and equip mods.
    • Mods dropped from end-of-match are always Rare or better (5x better odds of being Epic or Legendary), but now drop 5x less frequently.
  • Shop
    • Duplicate items are able to be purchased.
    • Gear is available to purchase for dust.
  • Chests
    • Chests are now standardized to three major types: Moon Chest, Star Chest, and Astral Chest.
    • Masks now only drop from chests.
    • Powers & Relics only drop from chests if you own the corresponding Mask.
  • Currencies
    • The total amount of dust you can earn each week has been increased from 5400 → 6900.
    • Quint is now acquired only through quests and can no longer be used to purchase gear directly from the shop. The currency is more abundant and primarily intended to unlock Star Chests. As a token of our appreciation (and because we love you that much), all players will receive 4000 quint for free in the shop during Patch 0.11.

Minor Changes

  • All mentions of the word Human have been changed to Hero. Feel the power, Chosen.
  • Auto aim is now less accurate when the target is actively juking, a situation that a Hero would also struggle to hit the target in.
  • Abilities now display their max number of charges in the description.
  • Squashed bugs!

Balance Changes

PrimalsHero GearOther

Primary Weapons

Heavy Weapons




Damage reduction has been converted to different types of armor. Every 100 armor increases your effective health by 100%.

  • Hero Armor: Reduces damage taken from Heroes
  • Primal Armor: Reduces damage taken from Primals
  • Monster Armor: Reduces damage from Monsters/Primals
  • Global Armor: Grants all three types of armor

As a result, a few pieces of gear are seeing changes.

  • Hafthor’s Gauntlet: 65% → 130-180 Primal Armor
  • Deep Freeze: 50% → 80-100 Global Armor
  • Primal Roar: 25% → 25-30 Global Armor


Shards team point value increased from 50 → 125.